All Things Moroccan

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Antique tea maker from Morocco by Danuta Kania on Dreamstime 
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An homage to all things Middle Eastern
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Traditional hammam, Morocco
Anonymous : HI, I was wondering if you can help source a picture that you had previously posted. It is a 1/2 shot of a black/gold morocan swing. I'm wondering if you have a full picture or more pictures from this event. Kindly advise.

sry I’m unsure what picture you speak of 

Anonymous : Hi, I have come across this interesting image that I think is somewhere in Morocco! It is simple but has me intrigued as I thought at first it was a reflection and then realised it is painted on the glass. Does anybody know where this is as I am planning a trip and would like to visit. I am thinking Rabat? Possibly Marakesh? Any suggestions greatly appreciated! Kay

I’m unsure of this painting you speak of but maybe one of my followers can let you know what it is.  & Marrakesh!!!!!!! is the spot =)

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Sahara Desert in Morocco at sunrise Source: grahamphotos (reddit)
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Marrakech, Morocco
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El Fenn: a gorgeous boutique hotel in Marrakech, Morocco from SF Girl By Bay. Get the look!